AWS Pricing for Google Sheets
AWS Pricing for Google Sheets

Strake, the AWS cost management platform built for engineers, is excited to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Mike Heffner to assume ownership and maintenance of the AWS Pricing add-on for Google Sheets. This project is available for free from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

AWS Pricing add-on for Google Sheets

AWS customers are always looking for ways to optimize their infrastructure and achieve more accurate forecasting. Unfortunately, this work requires manual effort and removes engineering resources from important feature work. In addition to Strake’s core platform, we’re committed to maintaining the AWS Pricing add-on for Google Sheets as an open-source tool to help AWS users understand their cloud costs.

Our team has spent the last several months working with the creator, Mike Heffner, to understand the project and how to best serve the community:

Nearly four years ago I created the aws-pricing Google Sheets add-on because I was tired of copying and pasting AWS pricing data when compiling infrastructure cost estimates. Since then I’ve been amazed by the adoption and interest from the AWS community for the add-on. That’s why I’m excited that the team at Strake has graciously offered to take over ownership and maintenance of the add-on moving forward. I’m grateful that the team has restored the add-on for all users and I’m excited to see what new features they’ll add in the future. The add-on will be able to continue as a useful resource for the AWS community.‍–Mike Heffner

About AWS Pricing for Google Sheets

The AWS Pricing add-on for Google Sheets allows any Google Sheets user to pull the current public AWS pricing information into their spreadsheet using Google Sheets functions.

In its current state, there are functions for Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Elastic Block Store (EBS). In the coming weeks, we will have an update about the second version of the AWS Pricing add-on that features streamlined formulas, restored RDS functions, and an updated backend to work with the new format of public AWS Pricing files.

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Strake is committed to maintaining the AWS Pricing add-on as an open-source project and expanding the project with feedback from the open-source community. Here are some ways to stay up to date on the project and get in touch with our team:

AWS Pricing for Google Sheets
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AWS Pricing for Google Sheets